Item No.: US-G37

Product Description: 37 Pcs Cookware Set with glass and SS Lid and GREBLON C3+
GREBLON® Shield Technology is the quality brand of WEILBURGER coatings GmbH protects USFILTERS® Cookware.

GREBLON ® C3+ meets all the European food safety standards, it has a 6-star quality level, offers an excellent surface design. The fluoropolymers used are specifically adaptable, temperature-resistant high-performance polymers, which give the material optimal function advantages, especially for use in high temperatures.


Features and Benefits: -

• Versatility, performance and durability

• Pure, Genuine, Simple, Unique, Durable, Elegant, Eco-Friendly.

• Food contact, Non-stick, easy to clean and storage

• Stability, absorption and distribution

• Scratch, corrosion, stains, abrasion (200000DR+)

• Suitable for all cookers, sturdy, tough, provides high rigidity

• Healthy food, Fast cooking, flavor & aroma taste.

• Nontoxic and free of GenX, CMR, and PFOA (since 2008), i.e.

Safety and user Instructions:

• Use oil for the first time for coating life extended.

• Pay attention to prevent overheating and fire.

• Do not store salty food in cookware.

• Use low to medium flame.

• Avoid using metal or sharp tools.

• Not suitable for microwaves.

• Do not use the lid while cooking in the oven.

• Always keep cookware clean